Style Inspiration

The way I dress and the inspiration I take from others helps me to feel good about myself. Of course, many say that you don’t need to worry about your appearance – feeling good comes from within. That’s very true, but fashion to me, isn’t as serious as that. It makes me feel good not because I don’t feel good about myself, but because it allows me to be creative. When I buy clothes, I buy them with the excitement of styling them with different things in my wardrobe.

Fashion and style can be classed as two very different things. On the one hand, fashion can be regarded as something that is current, and something that is constantly evolving. While style is timeless, it is one’s personal preference of dress. When it comes to style, you can use previous fashion trends to create your own individual look, or you can simply favour specific trends – may that be from different eras or the same era.

I do not follow fashion trends and throw away outdated trends. Instead, I use fashion trends to build my own type of style. I look at characters from TV shows, celebrities, friends, family members, strangers whom I have never met, to gain inspiration for my own style. Of course, I do this without realising at times, or without intention. In other words, I love clothes. The one thing I notice before anything else, is what someone is wearing. Not in a judgemental way, but rather an admiring way.

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When I watch Riverdale for example, I am constantly obsessed with the style of the characters. In particular, I love the style of both Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom. The cute mini skirts, collared blouses, polished hairstyles all mirror what I love when it comes to style. Both two different styles, but altogether the same, Veronica and Cheryl are my go-to gals when I need some inspiration. Here’s a link to a post on Pinterest with the style of Veronica Lodge.

Another fictional character that I love for her style is Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. You may have read about this before on my previous post The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Mini Review , but I do love her style. It’s just everything I would have wanted to wear as a young girl. Even now, in my twenties, I take style inspiration from her. The cute dresses layered with light jumpers and tops, all paired with a simple pendant necklace. Even The Weird Sisters have amazing style too – if you ever wanted to dress like a chic witch, take inspiration from them! Here’s a link to a series of pins from Pinterest!

Finally, another person that consistently inspires the way I dress, is the lovely Holly Willoughby. Every outfit she wears on This Morning, and I’m a Celebrity is just sheer style perfection. In my opinion anyway! I just love how she dresses. She looks so amazing as well. I literally want to be her sometimes. Again, the mini skirt/blouse ensemble is completely up my street. At this time of year, my favourite thing to wear is a cute mini skirt with tights, a light jumper, and boots. My favourite shop to buy clothes from has to be Miss Selfridge. I just love everything from there. If I could only shop in one place for clothes, Miss Selfridge would be my choice every single time. I think that everything they sell just seems to be exactly what I like to wear. From their evening and partywear, all the way to their casual clothes.

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Who is your style inspiration? Leave a comment below!


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