My University Experience: Part One

This is a post that has been long overdue, so I thought it was about time that I got it done! I have recently finished my time at university and I am very happy and proud to have graduated with a First Class Degree! I never thought that I would be able to do it, but after a lot of hard work and long nights, I finally did it!

University is hard. If you want to achieve the best grades you need to put the work in, there’s no getting around it. However, it is the most rewarding and exciting experience you will have. In this post I will go through all the different experiences I had from first to third year: from moving in, all the way to graduating (which I will discuss in part two of this post!)

Moving in day: new city and new friends

This was a very exciting day. I remember it so clearly like it was yesterday. Everything was packed and ready to be put into the car – of course, a lot of stuff had already been packed into the car the night before in order to make things easier. My new life was ready to begin. So many exciting times ahead of me, and so many amazing people I had yet to meet. I was ready to live alone and enjoy life as a young and independent nineteen year old (I had a gap year before university).

When I arrived to my new city and accomodation, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was nervous of course, but it was the most exciting thing I had experienced – you may be thinking, really? But the fact that I was now able to live on my own, free to do whatever I wanted, living in a building with new people and going on nights out – of course this was going to be exciting.

My mum and dad helped me move all of my things into my room after checking in, and I started to unpack. Yes, it was very strange knowing that I would be left there alone in this new city and new home, but I couldn’t help but feel positive about it all. Once my parents left, I began to introduce myself to my new flat mates.

The first day was the first official day of Freshers week – I didn’t go out this night, as I wanted to unpack my room and settle in first (also, no one I knew was going out either). I also used this day to explore the area and find the nearest supermarkets – I did a shop before I moved in, but I needed to buy myself food for the fridge. It was my first official day living on my own. Luckily, tea time wasn’t so difficult, as I wasn’t too bad when it came to cooking.

I remember finding it hard to sleep on the first night, because I was more aware of the fact that I was alone. The first night is probably the most difficult, because although you are excited, you don’t fully know anyone yet. So, it can get lonely.

Fresher’s week

I went out on the second day of Fresher’s week, and then proceeded to go out every night for 10 nights. It was the best time ever. I did have a new part time job lined up, but it didn’t start until the end of Fresher’s. This week was also filled with induction days for my classes, and before you say anything, I did attend them! Some people don’t, but I really wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing in preparation for when my classes actually started.

The whole first month was amazing, I enjoyed every minute. I loved living alone and cooking my own meals. I loved being at university and learning new things. Meeting new people and living a completely different way to what I was used to. If you’re considering going to University, then definitely do it. If you are unsure of what to study, take a year out to really think about what you want to do. Of course, university isn’t for everyone, but if you are thinking of going but are too scared, just go for it! You will be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself and living away from home.

I will be doing a second part to this post which will be all about my first year of classes and my second and final year. I hope you enjoyed this post!