Autumn Fashion & Beauty Haul

Hey everyone! After a few weeks away from blogging, I have decided to share a post about my current purchases.

Autumn is one of those seasons that I have a love/hate relationship with. It is the season of colourful leaves, soup, jumpers, and hot drinks. But it is also the season of a whole new colour pallette in regards to fashion and makeup!

Yes, it gets cold – and thus, the reason why I hate it at times. I love the summer and the warmth it brings, as well as the longer days (silently dreads the dark, gloomy days ahead). However, I do love the different shades of dark red that it brings to my style. That is why, recently, I have gone shopping to buy a few new items for my wardrobe!

Burgundy button-up dress and check fitted skirt, both from New look:

I love both of these new pieces and I would really love to buy the dress in black too! I decided to buy these because I thought they would be good to wear for work or possibly interviews if styled with a blouse. The thing I love best about fashion at this time of year, is the ability to layer different pieces together to create different outfits.

Now for the skincare and makeup. I recently went shopping to stock up on a few things that I needed. They may not all be related to autumn, as they are useful all-year-round, but I decided to try them out!

Garnier Skin Active Gel Face Wash, under £2 on offer at Boots:

I love this so far! It is so nice to use and it really feels like your skin is being cleansed properly without becoming oily or dry. This one is designed specifically for combination-oily skin, so I definitely recommend this if you are prone to oiliness, but can also get dry skin at times. Every skin is different, I know, but it is definitely worth a try if you want a great face wash at a budget price! They also do a micellar water range in this type of gel face wash, which I also need to try out because I love their micellar water products.

St. Ives Apricot Blemish-Prone Face Scrub, under £5 at Boots:

I have bought and used this before many times, especially during the summer months to keep my skin bright and exfoliated. I have recently ran out of this product, so I HAD to buy more! I love the St. Ives range of scrubs and they do a different one for every skin need. I am prone to blemishes, so I like to use this specific one, but there is another that I would like to try – it’s a nourishing one that keeps your skin soft and nourished – find it on this link!

Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in the Shade Cinnamon Beige:

I bought this because I have been wanting to try the Soap & Glory lipsticks for a while! So far, I am not too sure about it. The consistency is great, and not too drying like some of the Mac ones. Also, it seems to last a good amount of time before having to reapply the product.

However, for me, this shade does not work. I think it comes out more of a brown tone on my lips – as mine are quite dark in colour naturally! I do think that it is the perfect shade for autumn, so I may have to give it another chance to see how I feel about it. I can’t remember how much I paid, but I think it was £9 (I also got myself some student discount as Boots were giving 20% off!).

Essie Nail Lacquer in the shade Bordeaux:

I LOVE this colour. Dark red is my favourite anyway, so I usually hate it during the summer when I feel like I have to wear lighter shades on my nails (I usually just opt for a brighter red). The consistency, thickness, everything about this nail varnish is great. Ok, it’s not dead cheap – under £10 but it does work well and applies evenly and stays put quite well with the use of a top coat. A must have autumn shade for me!

I hope you liked this post. If you want, share some thoughts on your favourite products or clothing pieces for autumn…let’s get a conversation going on beauty and fashion! Thanks for reading!


My Everyday Summer Makeup Look

I am no professional when it comes to makeup, but I do love to wear it! So, here is a step-by-step post on what I wear for my everyday makeup look.

Occasionally, I try to live by the phrase “less is more” when it comes to daytime makeup. However, when it comes to my general everyday look, I tend to just wear whatever I feel is best suited to the day ahead.


1. First Steps

After moisturising and using my Nip + Fab hydrating serum (mentioned in my favourite skincare products post), I apply a thin layer of foundation. At the moment, I have been using Revlon’s Colorstay for combination/oily skin in the shade Natural Beige 220. This product works so well for my skin at the moment. I find that it is not too drying and not too oily. Although, I do find that my skin can still get a little bit oily when I am on holiday or in warmer conditions. I need to find myself a good foundation that keeps my skin matte, without causing it to dry out – if anyone has any suggestions, please post it in the comments below!

2. Eyes

Next, I usually do my eyebrows (although sometimes I start with these first). I use Obsession Makeup London’s Brow Pomade in the shade Medium Brown. This product works really well for me. I have worn this in a variety of situations, including in the pool and during exercise, and it has stayed put very well! I find that this product also tends to fade away nicely rather than smudging away (unless, of course, I rubbed my eyebrows, then it would smudge a little bit). I definitely recommend this as a cheaper high street option to wear during the summer months, when makeup is prone to being smudged or worn away!

After my brows are done, I use any round blending brush to give my eyes a hint of colour. My go-to pallette is the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals. I always use the rose/mauve coloured shade along with the darker red tones to define the crease. I finish this off with the white shade to hilight my brow bone.

I also love to use Nip + Fab’s Eyeshadow Palette in Fired Up to create a similar, but more smoky look, using the shade Toffee as a base, along with Cocoa and Safron or Brick in the crease. This is also finished off with a white shade from the NYX palette to hilight the brow bone. Both of these palettes are great for a warm summer look and are great value if you are looking for something similar to a more high-end product. These pallettes also include both matte and shimmery shades for both everyday and evening looks!


After my eyeshadow is done, I finish off my eyes using Revlon’s Colorstay Classic Liquid Eye Pen in the shade Blackest Black. I have tried many different eyeliner pens, as I find that personally, they are much easier to use than with a brush, and this one is by far the best eyeliner I have used! The look I create with this never changes, as I always go for the winged-liner look – without it, my eyes feel very naked! This is then followed with mascara. I am currently using Soap and Glory’s Thick & Fast Flash-Extentions Effect Mascara in the shade Wicked Black. I find that this mascara doesn’t clump as much as others and makes your lashes look a lot longer!

3. Lips & Final Touches

Depending on how I feel, I also use a lipliner to fill in my lips and give them a hint of colour, along with some lipstick. My favourite everyday lip look is when I use Mac’s lipliner in Boldly Bare either alone or along with Mac’s matte lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy or Kinda Sexy.

For the final touches, I use any type of bronzer or contour in a light bronze/brown shade to define my cheekbones and to give my face a summer glow. I then finish off with a spritz of Barry M Flawless Mist and Fix Matte Finish Setting Spray.

And that’s it, my go-to everyday makeup look! I hope you enjoyed reading! Follow me on Twitter for more blog updates @_favethingsblog ✨💗