Autumn Fashion & Beauty Haul

Hey everyone! After a few weeks away from blogging, I have decided to share a post about my current purchases.

Autumn is one of those seasons that I have a love/hate relationship with. It is the season of colourful leaves, soup, jumpers, and hot drinks. But it is also the season of a whole new colour pallette in regards to fashion and makeup!

Yes, it gets cold – and thus, the reason why I hate it at times. I love the summer and the warmth it brings, as well as the longer days (silently dreads the dark, gloomy days ahead). However, I do love the different shades of dark red that it brings to my style. That is why, recently, I have gone shopping to buy a few new items for my wardrobe!

Burgundy button-up dress and check fitted skirt, both from New look:

I love both of these new pieces and I would really love to buy the dress in black too! I decided to buy these because I thought they would be good to wear for work or possibly interviews if styled with a blouse. The thing I love best about fashion at this time of year, is the ability to layer different pieces together to create different outfits.

Now for the skincare and makeup. I recently went shopping to stock up on a few things that I needed. They may not all be related to autumn, as they are useful all-year-round, but I decided to try them out!

Garnier Skin Active Gel Face Wash, under £2 on offer at Boots:

I love this so far! It is so nice to use and it really feels like your skin is being cleansed properly without becoming oily or dry. This one is designed specifically for combination-oily skin, so I definitely recommend this if you are prone to oiliness, but can also get dry skin at times. Every skin is different, I know, but it is definitely worth a try if you want a great face wash at a budget price! They also do a micellar water range in this type of gel face wash, which I also need to try out because I love their micellar water products.

St. Ives Apricot Blemish-Prone Face Scrub, under £5 at Boots:

I have bought and used this before many times, especially during the summer months to keep my skin bright and exfoliated. I have recently ran out of this product, so I HAD to buy more! I love the St. Ives range of scrubs and they do a different one for every skin need. I am prone to blemishes, so I like to use this specific one, but there is another that I would like to try – it’s a nourishing one that keeps your skin soft and nourished – find it on this link!

Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in the Shade Cinnamon Beige:

I bought this because I have been wanting to try the Soap & Glory lipsticks for a while! So far, I am not too sure about it. The consistency is great, and not too drying like some of the Mac ones. Also, it seems to last a good amount of time before having to reapply the product.

However, for me, this shade does not work. I think it comes out more of a brown tone on my lips – as mine are quite dark in colour naturally! I do think that it is the perfect shade for autumn, so I may have to give it another chance to see how I feel about it. I can’t remember how much I paid, but I think it was £9 (I also got myself some student discount as Boots were giving 20% off!).

Essie Nail Lacquer in the shade Bordeaux:

I LOVE this colour. Dark red is my favourite anyway, so I usually hate it during the summer when I feel like I have to wear lighter shades on my nails (I usually just opt for a brighter red). The consistency, thickness, everything about this nail varnish is great. Ok, it’s not dead cheap – under £10 but it does work well and applies evenly and stays put quite well with the use of a top coat. A must have autumn shade for me!

I hope you liked this post. If you want, share some thoughts on your favourite products or clothing pieces for autumn…let’s get a conversation going on beauty and fashion! Thanks for reading!


My Most-Used Fake Tanning Products & Review!

Let’s admit it, we all love fake tan. Instead of damaging our beautiful skin with harmful UV rays, we can all fake a summer glow within a matter of hours! Since I wear fake tan most of the time, I thought I would share with you my opinions on a range of fake tan products that I have used over the years.

1. ST. TROPEZ Bronzing Mousse in Dark (200ML)

This has to be up there with the best false tanners I have used so far. I do still need to try others such as Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse (let me know what this is like in the comments below! I will do an updated version of this once I have tried it out myself), but as it stands, ST. TROPEZ has worked very well for me. Before I apply any false tan, I make sure that my skin is exfoliated and moisturised – I usually do this the day before application and then I re-apply moisturiser to any dry areas such as my ankles and knees.

I have found that this false tan does not go as patchy as others, and it does not have that typical biscuit smell of fake tan. As this tan also has a colour guide, you can see almost instantly that the tan will develop into a lovely golden-brown tone – rather than a horrible orange colour. I have found that with my fair skin, this tan suits my complexion the best and does not look too unnatural when I am wearing it. The only con: it is quite expensive, so if you’re looking to save some money, try and look out for the deals online or in stores.

2. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark (200ML)

OK. This tan smells amazing. I am currently using this at the moment and it is definitely worth it. I have managed to get about 6 months use out of this, applying once weekly or less, and I still have some left! Yes, this isn’t too cheap either, but it is a lot cheaper than the more high-end or pricier false tanners – I paid £14.99 for it! The colour of this tan is slightly more brown than ST.TROPEZ in my opinion, as it has a red undertone to it, rather than having an olive undertone. I personally prefer an olive undertone in false tan, but the colour of Bondi Sands is still very lovely. I have found that one pump for each arm, and two or three for each leg is enough for this! Sometimes I have found that two layers can give you a deeper tan, but it all depends on your skin tone, as mine is very fair.

3. ST. MORIZ Instant & Gradual Self-Tanning Mousse (200ML)

I have tried the regular version of this mousse, but after discovering this one, I was amazed. This worked well on my pale and fair skin, and it also developed into a lovely natural-looking tan. I find that this works best for an everyday tanned look – however, I have used this for nights out and I have found that a couple of layers works well also! This tan looks similar to ST.TROPEZ, which was a game-changer for me, as this product is practically ST.TROPEZ at a fraction of the price! I also found that it does not transfer as badly as some products, and it fades quite well too. In my experience, the tan lasts about three to four days before another application is needed.

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion (250ML)

I used to use this religiously back in the good old days of school – you know what I’m talking about, those dreaded P.E lessons, or those warm summer days where you had your legs out and they just HAD to be tanned. I have recently come back to this tanning lotion and out of every gradual tanning lotion I have tried, this has to be the best one. For some reason, my pale skin does not react well with gradual tanners. I never seem to get that gorgeous golden tan that everyone else manages to achieve. However, with this particular gradual tanner, I have found that my skin does go golden after one or two applications – RESULT.

5. Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (375ML)

This, again, smells amazing. It has a lovely coconut scent, and applies very evenly. It also dries very well and does not leave you feeling sticky, which is always annoying with other gradual tanning lotions. I have found that it needs a couple of applications before you see any real results, but this all depends on how dark you want to be. In my experience, any type of gradual tanner is best for a natural everyday glow – perfect for summer getaways when you need to prolong your existing tan – or if you want to look naturally sun-kissed without the worry of streaking or going patchy. You also get a lot in this bottle so it is worth your money!

6. ST TROPEZ Gradual Tanning In Shower, Medium (200ML)

I have some mixed thoughts on this product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product. I love how you can get in the shower and do your fake tan at the same time, no fuss, no fake tan on your sheets, no worrying about feeling sticky or smelly. It’s perfect really. Almost. The one problem with this false tan, is that it isn’t really that noticeable after the first application. I have tried this and done exactly what it says on the bottle, but I just never seem to get any real results. Now, my skin does take a while to gain any colour with the usual gradual tanning lotion, but that’s because I like to be really tanned.

Don’t be too put off, definitely give this a go if you like the idea of a stress free tan – I must point out, you do have to turn off the shower for a couple of minutes after application to let it soak in before rinsing – but do try it as I have found that after using this daily, it does begin to work quite well. This is definitely something that requires you to apply this daily for the best results – perfect for a holiday though! I haven’t tried this whilst on holiday yet, but I will be taking some with me to see what it’s like! If you want me to give a review on how it went then let me know in the comments below!